Brand Partnerships


Who is an AIM Partner?

AIM partners are companies

who's service or product benefits

other brands and business in any way.

Why should you partner with AIM? 

We not only market and promote

your brand, but we also put it to good use and offer interactive and educational,

coach based resources to help our clients and community do the same.

We aim to become your front line

brand ambassador as we represent

you like we represent us.

If interested in partnering, click here.

Working Partners

With 30+ years of combined

administrative, branding,

events, staffing and

marketing experience, our

Executive Partners came together

to put our clients in a

safe space to elevate.

They have worked

with brands such as

Google, Facebook, IHeart Media,

The Chicago Bulls, Tom Ford Beauty,

T-Mobile, D'usse,  Square,

American Airlines, General Mills,

Netflix, Verizon, and many more.